June 26, 2013

On Father's Day I sent out a few tweets about the things that my dad had taught me. When I did that, I had no knowledge of this event that was soon approaching. What I did to owner my father now owners My Dad taught me about credit: He set me up with my very first IOU (For the younger generation who hasn't a clue this means: I Owe You) at Luke & Alberta Woodward's Grocery on Highway 66. Their store was next door to Helen's Smith Grocery and up the road from there was Swanner's Grocery. I had my first job there. I pumped gas when it was 18 cents a gallon and no one ever bought gas by a $$$$ amount. Everyone back in that day bought gas by the gallons. Something no one does today, except maybe me at a gas pump. I do it to remember there was a time...