Bikers work to change image, help others

Kelsey Gerhardt Staff Writer

September 24, 2013

When you see groups of motorcycle riders covered in leather and revving their engines at a stop light, the last thing you think about is prayer.

The Iron Eagle Disciples motorcycle riding club is aiming to change that image.

“We can talk to nice people and we can talk to rough people because we’ve all got something in common,” says Steve Johnson, riding club president.

The riding club was born from a love for riding their bikes, a care for their fellow man and prayer that things would work out once they got the ball rolling, he said.

The biggest adversities they had while setting their club up was the legalities behind registering a club and getting the word out that they aren’t a gang. They are a group of Christian riders who want to spread the word of Jesus, he said.

The embroidered patches on their leather jackets have a red and golden cross with silver wings showing who they work for while they’re riding.

“A lot of people’s needs are so simple and are overlooked. God put a group of people together that have a lot of big hearts and are willing to help fill those needs,” said Iron Eagle Disciple Chaplain Steve Ousley.

On Oct. 5, the Iron Eagle Disciples will be riding to Jamestown, Tenn., to a pumpkin festival. They will raise money to purchase Christmas gifts for needy children in the Claiborne County, Tenn., area.

“Motorcycles and being bike riders is the common bond we all have together as a group, but we all have the same goal and purpose. Our mission is to tell folks about the message of Jesus Christ and it’s all about him, really,” said Ousley.

Their meetings, which include a church service, are held the second Saturday every month in Claiborne County. The group welcomes members from all over the Tri-state area.

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