Local woman to hold Remembrance Day ceremony

Reina Cunningham Contributing Writer

October 7, 2013

October is host to a plethora of awareness for various illnesses and issues, but one in particular deeply touches the heart of a young woman in Tazewell.

Chasity Goins is looking forward to Oct. 15 and all that comes with it as this day is Remembrance Day.

This is the second year that Goins will be remembering two very important people in her life — her twin daughters Jacey and Peyton — who were born angels two years ago this month.

For no known reason, Goins lost her twins on Oct. 18 and gave birth to her angels two days later.

“They don’t know why I lost them; I just woke up with some light spotting and went straight to the ER,” explained Goins. “They did an ultrasound and while they were doing it…we watched their hearts stop beating at the same time.”

Sometime later, the heartbroken mother found out that she had lost her precious twins during a time when others in her situation were remembering their own heartbreak while raising awareness of this traumatic phenomenon. This revelation allowed Goins, and her entire family, an outlet to express their sorrow with others in the same situation — an outlet that Goins believes she was meant to be a part of.

“When I found out October was National Pregnancy and Miscarriage Awareness Month and the 15th was Remembrance Day, it gave me a way to let people know that I was a mommy of two beautiful angels,” explained Goins. “Knowing that it happened so close to the 15th made me think that I was meant to do this and that the twins would want me to.”

According to Goins, the vigil helps not only her but her children as well.

“It helps me because when I lost my twin girls my world fell apart, I spent months grieving for them,” continued Goins. “It’s also a time for my kids, Aaliyay, 10, and Gavyn, 8, to be able to show their sisters how much they loved them even though they never got to meet.”

This year the candle light vigil will be held at the park beside of Angelo’s Restaurant in Cumberland Gap. The vigil begins at 6 p.m. Participants will light candles at 7 p.m. and release balloons around 8 p.m.

Everyone is invited to participate and encouraged to bring pictures to candles in front of. While the candles burn, everyone has a chance to talk to others who have been through the same thing and tell their story while honoring their angels who never made it.