Cumberland Gap has zoning change

Kelsey Gerhardt Staff Writer

November 5, 2013

The Cumberland Gap Board of Mayor and Aldermen addressed a zoning problem at the meeting on Monday.

Lincoln Memorial University’s residence hall, the University Inn, is located within the Cumberland Gap city limits and will be rezoned as C-4.

This commercial zoning will allow a place for hotels, motels, indoor restaurants, tourist shops, adult bookstores, auto sales, gasoline service stations, or any building which sells alcohol or liquor as a private club.

Without having a designated C-4 area, those businesses can legally be built anywhere within city limits. However, with the zoning change, these types of businesses must be built within the C-4 area.

“It’s preventative medicine. You legally have to have it somewhere. You don’t want it anywhere, but it’s the government,” said John Ravnum, alderman.

Several Cumberland Gap residences were rezoned from a commercial to residential lot. This rezoning will stay unless a residential-zoned lot remains vacant for a year in which the zoning will return to commercial property.

Over the past few weeks a car theft and attempted break-in occurred in Cumberland Gap. The council believes the Claiborne County Sheriff’s department has apprehended the person who committed the crimes.

Also at this meeting, a vacant alderman seat was filled by Michael Cliburne who has lived in Cumberland Gap for two years. He was appointed to the seat and will remain until the election in November 2014 when he would have to seek the seat in the election.

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