NSDAR chapter hosts Christmas Tea

Special to the Daily News

January 6, 2014

The Maj. George Gibson NSDAR chapter, Gibson Station, Va., hosted a Christmas Tea on Dec. 7 at the home of chapter member Agnes Marcum.

The chapter was greatly honored to have in attendance special guests Patricia Musick Hatfield, NSDAR vice president general and Virginia’s immediate past state regent and state honorary regent; and Kathy McClelland, Virginia’s District IV director. The hosts in addition to Marcum were Regent Nancy Britton, Treasurer and Past Regent Charlotte Brooks and member Fay Ramsey. Other chapter members present were Joy Burchett, Irene Hargraves, Sharon Harrell, Judy Hounshell, Becky Jones, Carol Rowlett and Augusta Sinon. Several other friends and family also attended.

Chapter Regent Britton welcomed everyone and led the group in the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America. She then read a devotional message, noting there are many new blends of tea and naming several “TEAS” that we can drink to remind us of our Christian values.

Royal-TEA (royalty) — when we accept Christ as our Savior, we become part of His royal family.

Personali-TEA (personality) — we represent the person of Christ and should become more like Him.

Hones-TEA (honesty) — in today’s world, a cup of honesty is surely refreshing.

Accountabili-TEA (accountability) — we all have to drink this one for we are responsible for how we live our life on earth and what we do for Christ.

Adversi-Tea (adversity) — watch out for this one, as it is hot and hard to swallow; however, this blend always comes served with sufficient grace. Our cup is never more that we can drink at one time.

Generosi-TEA (generosity) — when we give, the Lord blesses us all the more.

Availabili-TEA (availability) — we should be willing and ready to drink this blend.

Laughabili-TEA (laughability) — be sure to have a full cup, as it feels really good when we drink this one.

Uni-TEA (unity) — unity causes us to have a sweet spirit which can benefit all of us.

Humili-TEA (humility) — sometimes we have to swallow some of our pride when we drink this cup.

Hospitali-TEA (hospitality) — this blend is for sharing, so be sure to serve it to everyone.

Regent Britton ended by stating she hopes we are drinking all things we need in order to live our Christian lives to the fullest…then it will all add up to “Siptuali”-TEA (spirituality). How we live reflects Whom we serve; when we begin sipping these “TEAS” in our life, we begin reflecting more on Christ. These “TEAS” will help put us in the right frame of mind and will give our lives a boost. Britton ended by asking, “So how is your “TEA”?

The honored guests were presented with several gifts from the chapter. The group then enjoyed a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks served on Christmas china and surrounded by Marcum’s beautifully decorated home. The tea ended with an entertaining “white elephant” gift exchange.