109 Board in search of new security system

Anthony Cloud Staff Writer

January 16, 2014

A new security system was a topic of discussion during the regular 109 Board meeting on Wednesday. A break in at the solid waste office brought the issue to the meeting.

Solid Waste manager Joyce Hoskins said someone broke into the office after cutting the phone lines and ripping the monitors off the wall. The culprit got away with approximately $1,300 with the majority of the money belonging to Mills Garbage. There was also money collected from the transfer station stolen.

Hoskins said nothing showed up at the sheriff’s department about the break-in. ADT claimed they had nothing come through the monitoring system for two or three months.

According to Hoskins, ADT claimed changing phone services could have caused the issue with the security system. Hoskins said the phone company stated changing services should not affect the security system unless the number to the office was changed. It was not, she said.

She also said the office has switched services before and it did not affect the system.

“The sad thing is we were paying a quarterly amount for a service we weren’t getting,” said Kirby Smith, board chairman.

The board discussed options for future security. However, no action was taken.

Recycling supervisor James Hoskins gave an update on the Bell County Recycling Center . He said the center sent two trailers to Central Fiber Resources. Another trailer is close to half full, he said.

He said his weekly cardboard route usually fills the flat bed Dodge three times each Tuesday.

James Hoskins reported the trailer placed at Happy Mart is doing well. It has already been unloaded twice in the short period it has been there.

There has been a 30-yard dumpster placed at Pizza Hut in Middlesboro. It is being emptied twice a week.

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