Finding happiness through God

Louise Day Ramey Day by Day

February 7, 2014

God’s Little Devotional Journal for Women says:

“Happiness does not come wrapped in brightly colored packages as a gift given to us by others. Happiness comes when we uncover the gifts that lie within us and we begin to use them by God to bless others. Happiness looks for us when we quite our soul and find God.”

It is reported that Abraham Lincoln said, “You are only as happy as you choose to be.”

I believe life is not one big happy feeling, but it is being aware of the small experiences that bring moments of pleasure.

Happiness looks for me when I uncover gifts that lie within me and I am able use them to bless others.

My friend Barbara chooses to be happy while enjoying a fellowship meal in the company of her Sunday school class and church family.

Ella thinks happiness is having the assurance of her salvation. “This is as good as it gets,” she affirms.

Edith’s moments of pleasure comes from being with her children, grandchildren and church family when the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.

According to Betty, “True happiness is knowing the true and living God, experiencing good health, and being able to attend a Bible believing church with a loving family.”

My pastor chooses to be happy when souls are born again and church members are maturing in the Lord digesting the sincere meat of the word.

Perhaps this poem entitled “The Seeker” will quite our soul and help us find God and true happiness!

A seeker went exploring

To find happiness and love.

He sought them in the city

And in the hills above.

He traveled many a highway.

Asked many a passerby,

“Where’s the path to happiness?”

And this was their reply,

“We’re also on a journey

Seeking just like you,

But these gifts of love and happiness

Are found by very few.”

Then he met a shepherd

Whose countenance shone bright,

“Can you tell me,” asked the seeker,

“How your face took on this light?”

“It came as I stood gazing

At a Babe upon the hay.”



Louise Day Ramey is a syndicated columnist who has worked on the staff of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College and is the wife of a former Cookeville, Tenn., pastor. She may be reached at daybyday@netcommander.com.