Purse snatching couple arrested

Debbie Rolen drolen@civitasmedia.com

February 25, 2014

Logan City police Patrolman James D. Adkins arrested two involved in an incident at Wal-Mart in Fountain Place. The two may be involved in other incidents targeting elderly victims around the state.

Adkins said he was on his way to respond to the report of a purse snatching at Wal-Mart, and he waited on Rt. 73 for the vehicle they had reported as the suspects having fled the scene in.

“I got in the center median and waited on the vehicle to come by. When I saw it go by, I turned and made a traffic stop on the vehicle. Once I finally got the vehicle stopped, I found the guy who was driving was Timothy D. Dolin, 28, of Madison and the passenger was Joyce Leona Lowry, 38, of Foster. I went ahead and placed the two under arrest and searched the vehicle.

“I found four other pocketbooks inside the vehicle. Once we got to the office and started processing and looking through the purses found in the vehicle, we discovered these two have been committing the same crime in other areas of the state. We have four to five other complaints of purse snatching or unarmed robbery that have taken place at Southridge at the Wal-Mart over there.

“Also, there are three other complaints at the Wal-Mart here in addition to the one we got them for. At the time, they fled and we didn’t know who the suspects were. Other investigation revealed they are also being investigated at Madison in connection with incidents at Magic Mart and possibly drug charges or things of that nature. The good thing is we caught them and after talking with other agencies, they are also bringing forth charges for all of the complaints they have.

“The officer from South Charleston is going to come down and show us the complaints they have. I know for sure a couple of the purses I found in the vehicle belong to South Charleston and occurred on the same day. Also, after talking to troopers in Boone County, these two may be either on parole or probation. The courthouse is in the process of revoking whatever they were out on.

“They are currently incarcerated in the Southwestern Regional Jail on my charges of unarmed robbery only. There are approximately ten incidents for which they may face additional charges. Basically, it appears they have been all over the state doing this. We have pretty good evidence and the investigation is ongoing to find out what all they have been involved in.”

In Adkins’ complaint, Foster is accused of distracting the victim while co-defendant Dolin, took the victim’s purse. Once the purse was in hand, the defendants left the store and fled the scene. Lowry and Dolin have each been preliminarily charged with second degree unarmed robbery.

Logan Police Chief E.K. Harper commented on this situation, “This crime was against an elderly person. Mr. Bennett and we are not going to tolerate crimes against elderly people. They seem to target elderly people. The one exception was the house that was broken into in Boone County. All the purse snatching in Madison and here have all been elderly people and that’s why we are working to get these people with everything we’ve got.”