Council’s agenda options

By Reina P. Cunningham - [email protected]

Opinions differed on the new look of the agenda for the Middlesboro City Council at the regular monthly council meeting on Tuesday. During a discussion, the council explored its options.

Council member Gary Mills began the discussion when he stated what he thought the spot on the agenda meant and asked for clarification.

“On the reports from committee meetings, I understand the way it’s written. It reports from the committee meetings, but if we’re only going to have, say three meetings a month — that means every other month will be the other one, so then we’ve got two months between committee reports,” began Mills.

He offered his opinion as to why the old way with all of the committees listed should be kept.

“I think the other (committees) should be listed, so the committee chairman can say this came up. We haven’t had a committee meeting, but we ought to be thinking about it,” said Mills.

Mayor Bill Kelley explained why not all committees were listed on this week’s agenda under reports from committee meetings.

“You can do that (bring up something for a committee that did not meet) as bringing it up on the floor, but I can’t put it down as a report because it’s not had a quorum there to have a meeting for a report,” said Kelley.

Council member Lucas Carter offered his opinion, suggesting the council have more meetings like in the past.

“I’ll tell you what Gary, I put before a motion to start meeting twice a month again,” said Carter.

Kelley said if it was what the council wanted to do, he would support it, but to take into consideration the amount of people on the council.

“That’s up to you, but there’s nine people and they all have decisions here,” said Kelley.

Kelley also explained why he felt it was important to change the agenda.

“I’m trying to clean up the fact that for years we’ve just sort of put them there and I’m trying to get them back to where if we have something brought up, we can come in and say yes, this was a quorum, this was a meeting. If you want to as a committee chair just bring it up. This is an open meeting and you are welcome to,” said Kelley.

Mills addressed the media to clarify what was taking place. It was not an argument, but rather a discussion among the council.

“I’d like the news media to be aware of the fact that when we discuss things up here, they’re not arguments, they’re discussions.”

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By Reina P. Cunningham

[email protected]

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