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Couple adopts girl, gives birth to boy on same day

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

A Putney couple recently found themselves parents of two babies, born on the same day. However, the children are not twins.

Christen Lawson, the mother, explained one child was adopted, while the other was not.

“We’d been pursuing adoption after six years of failed attempts to conceive ourselves,” she said. “While we were waiting on the adoption to come through, we found out we were pregnant.”

Lawson explained she and her husband decided to continue to pursue adoption.

“God led us to adopt and we wanted to follow through,” she said. “We just didn’t think it would be so soon.”

Lawson said the boy was due first.

“He was due on Nov. 14,” she said. “Then, we got the call about her. She was due Oct. 7. So I thought we had about a month to get used to one before the other arrived.”

Except it didn’t work out that way.

Lawson explained on Oct. 14, she and Michael Lawson, her husband, went to Louisville to pick up the girl who was born a week late. While in Louisville, their baby boy decided to arrive a little early.

“We went to get her, and I went into labor myself and had him the same day as her,” Lawson said. “His name is Micah, and her name is Kaylyn.”

Christen explained Michael is adopted, which factored into their considering adoption.

“That’s something we had already talked about before we had trouble conceiving,” Christen Lawson said. “We knew early on that we would eventually want to adopt anyway. It’s just something we both felt like we should do. Michael has been given a loving family through adoption and he wanted to provide that for somebody else.”

Both children are approximately two months old and healthy, according to Christen Lawson.

“You’ve got to have faith that the Lord will provide,” Christen Lawson said.

According to Michael Lawson, the couple always wanted to have at least two children.

“We always thought it would be cool to have twins,” He said. “But the way our situation played out, we definitely didn’t see it happening that way.”

Michael Lawson said the couple are very happy with the way things worked out.

“We do want to glorify God in this, because it’s all His doing we believe,” he said.

Michael Lawson was raised in Putney along with an adopted sister. He went to Alice Lloyd College in Pike County, where he met Christen, who is originally from Pike County. The couple married in 2009. They lived in Pike County for a few years before moving to Harlan.

Michael Lawson pointed out the children arrived at the right time.

“We had a house fire last year,” Michael Lawson said. “We look back at it and see God’s blessing, because if we had the babies when we wanted them, there’s a chance a baby could have died in the house fire. We look back and see how things played out, and it’s totally God’s way.”

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Couple adopts girl, gives birth to boy on same day

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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