SKCTC makes staffing adjustments to help meet workforce needs

Special to Civitas Media

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College is retooling itself by aligning its programs and making staffing adjustments to better meet workforce needs now and in the future.

The college’s service area has experienced a loss of population and enrollment for the college has been declining for several years. At the same time, fixed costs continue to climb. The smaller number of students means less tuition to cover costs.

Additionally, the types of programs students want and employers need us to offer has changed in the last few years.

Unfortunately, this confluence of events has resulted in the elimination of positions and the non-renewal of contracts.

“These are tough decisions, but ultimately, the right ones for students and our communities,” SKCTC Interim President Dr. Dennis Michaelis said. “Our mission is to improve the lives and employability of southeastern Kentuckians. To continue to do this in the right way, we must make sure our programs are aligned with local workforce needs so our students can get the education and skills they need to get a good, high paying job.”

Other KCTCS colleges are reviewing their program needs and budgets to better align their offerings as well.

Special to Civitas Media

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