Flooding concerns addressed

Pineville seeks solution

By William S. Tribell - [email protected]

William S. Tribell | Daily News Mayor Scott Madon

Flooding was at issue for the Pineville City Council at their regular meeting Monday.

Recent heavy storms have caused flooding in and around the city recently. Rains on July 14 and Aug. 5 most notably, caused extensive flooding and damages to property. Numerous citizens were on hand to provide personal accounts.

Many experienced flooded homes, businesses, yards, and basements. Trees were downed across the county and many roadways were impassable.

Due to drainage issues throughout the city, the streets flooded quickly. The city had been clearing the city’s storm drains in the weeks leading up to the extreme weather, but the drains still clogged with storm debris and caused the flash flooding.

Workers were able to clear the blockages and the pumps reportedly never failed and were able to deal with the excess water. It is not necessarily the amount of rain, but rather, how quickly it fell, and the deluge of water and refuse coming off the mountain into town exasperated the problem.

Some citizens voiced concerns that the Kentucky Avenue sewer repair project might be the cause of the flooding. Mayor Scott Madon said the city has authorized up to $10,000 to investigate both Kentucky Avenue and the storm drains.

“There are so many factors that are causing this problem,” said Madon.” We have some serious issues to deal with, but we have done all we can until we get it fully investigated.”

He went on to say, “right now we have one pump station. The Virginia Avenue project will give us two new stations that are twice the size of what we now have, so when that is finished we will have four times the pumping power we have now.”

In other business, the board voted unanimously to sell an acre plot of excess land that the city had acquired for the construction of the flood wall.

For more information and flooding statistics about the town of Pineville and the Cumberland River visit the National Weather Service’s page at water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=jkl&gage=PVLK2

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William S. Tribell | Daily News Mayor Scott Madon
http://middlesborodailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web1_1-scott.jpgWilliam S. Tribell | Daily News Mayor Scott Madon
Pineville seeks solution

By William S. Tribell

[email protected]

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