M’boro subcommittees meet

By Reina P. Cunningham - [email protected]

Members of the Middlesboro Parks and Recreation, Sewer and Street subcommittees met on Tuesday in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

The Sewer Council met first. Chairperson Lucas Carter opened the meeting. Carter brought up unresolved old business of getting a new city truck stickered similar to the other city trucks. Carter said he understood Mayor Bill Kelley not wanting to take the truck off the streets to be stickered and as such he believed he had found a solution that would allow the truck to be stickered without taking away from the time it was needed to be used for the city. Carter said he had found a local company that was willing to do the work during the evening or on the weekend — when the truck would not be in use by the city. It was clarified that the company would not charge extra to perform the service after hours.

Carter also noted a report that the most recent water inspection went well and clarified why he believes there needs to be a better system in place for concerned citizens to check to see that their concerns have been taken care of. For example, when someone reports what they feel is an issue or potential issue, there should be a way for that person to track the status of the issue. It was suggested that once an issue has been reported, concerned citizens should check with code enforcement in regards to its status.

The Parks and Recreation Committee met next. Chairperson Kevin Barnett said a handicap accessible picnic table is being constructed at Fords Woods Park. The addition comes after a wheelchair bound gentleman had a difficult time using the current picnic tables and the issue was brought to Barnett’s attention. The issue of missing steps at the park was also brought up and Barnett said he would get them fixed as soon as possible.

The city pool is closed for the season now that local schools are back in session. Council members discussed the cost of operation of the pool and the amount of citizens that use the pool. Neither number was readily available at the meeting. Various members of the council said on numerous occasions they had seen the pool be crowded. City clerk Sandra Wilson said the operating price of the pool could be easily calculated by taking into account the cost of chemicals, lifeguard payroll and liability insurance policy premiums.

Barnett said he was still fielding questions about the country club but that he did not have any additional information at this time.

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By Reina P. Cunningham

[email protected]

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