Veterinary scholarships continue to grow

Courtesy photo Pictured are, from left: Drs. Jason and Jennifer Johnson, dean and vice president of LMU-CVM Dr. Glen Hoffsis, Cindy L. Whitt, Dr. Tod Schadler and Dr. Robert Henry.

HARROGATE, Tenn. — The Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM) dean and his faculty are setting the pace for new scholarships to help students pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Thus far, ten scholarships have been established for veterinary medical students at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU).

“It has been truly exciting to watch our veterinary program grow over the last year, and especially to see our faculty, staff and members of the community come together to support our students with a number of scholarships,” said Cynthia L. Whitt, LMU vice president for University Advancement. “Scholarships are vitally important to our students. Although the veterinary future will soon be in their hands, their preparation for the future is now in ours.”

Whitt recently established the Jim Whitt Annual CVM Scholarship in memory of her late husband. The Whitt scholarship is to be awarded to an incoming or current student from the commonwealth of Virginia who meets the program standards. If no one from Virginia is enrolled, the committee may make a selection from another state.

Several faculty have shown support for LMU-CVM students pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, through teaching, mentoring as well as scholarships. Some of the faculty that have established scholarships for veterinary medicine students include Dr. Tod Schadler, Drs. Jason and Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Robert Henry, and Dean and Vice President of LMU-CVM Dr. Glen Hoffsis.

Below is a list of current scholarships available to veterinary medicine students at LMU-CVM: Dr. Candace Carter Annual Scholarship; Schadler Family Diversity Scholarship in Memory of Harry and Doris Schadler; Drs. Jason and Jennifer Johnson Rural Appalachian Region Veterinary Scholarship; Dr. Robert Henry Veterinary Anatomy Scholarship; Glen Hoffsis Annual CVM Scholarship; LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Scholarship; Candace Mast Veterinary Scholarship; Dr. Edwin Robertson Memorial CVM Scholarship; Dr. Rosenzweig Scholarship; and Jim Whitt Annual CVM Scholarship.

For more information on the scholarships available to veterinary medicine students at LMU-CVM, contact admissions at [email protected] or visit

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