Indictments handed down

The Bell County Grand Jury recently handed down several indictments.

Those indicted include:

*Christopher George Dixon, 26, of Middlesboro, first-degree assault and first-degree felony offender;

*John Robert King, 35, of Middlesboro, theft of identity of another without consent and giving officer false name or address;

*Darren Stewart, 33, of Middlesboro, second-degree burglary and second-degree possession of controlled substance;

*Jason Alan Aldridge, 32, of Pineville, first-degree complicity to commit burglary;

*Jesse Eugene Lowe, 34, of Sevierville, Tennessee, theft by failure to make required disposition of property;

*Amanda Renee Marcum, 33, of Middlesboro, first-degree criminal possession of forged instrument;

*Amanda G. Cole, 24, of Middlesboro, second-degree criminal possession of forged instrument;

*Andrew Camden, 32, of Tazewell, Tennessee, first-degree arson.

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