Lee County meth ring investigated

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducted a roundup after a six-month long joint investigation with the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms and the United States Attorneys Office culminated in the execution of four search warrants and multiple charges on several Rose Hill residents on Monday.

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons reports that his office initiated an investigation into a methamphetamine distribution ring in the Rose Hill section of Lee County. When it was realized that it involved several out-of-state locations the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco was asked to join the investigation.

Parsons said that during the past several months the Lee County Sheriff’s Office made several controlled buys from the different individuals involved. However, working in cooperation with the Lee County Commonwealth’s attorneys, the charges, at the request of federal authorities, were held until Monday so as not to compromise the ongoing investigation.

According to Parsons, four search warrants were served Monday. Two at Rose Hill Apartments at the residence of Charlinda Harber, 36, of Apartment No. 1, and at the residence of Jeremy Wayne Redding, 36, of apartment No. 6. Also, a search was conducted on Fincastle Road in Rose Hill at the residence of Rose Fee.

Parsons then said that a search was conducted at 138 Morgan Memorial Road at the residence of Silas Fee, 33, and Bobby Haynes, 24. This search warrant revealed a large amount of ammunition, drugs and bomb-making materials.

According to Parsons, Silas Fee is locked up on a distribution of meth charge from Lee County. He is expected to face multiple federal charges, along with Harber, who is wanted for three distribution of meth charges. Redding is jailed in Tennessee and has distribution charges on him in Lee County along with anticipated federal charges. Future charges against Bobby Haynes is also anticipated.

Parsons praised the partnership between all of the agencies involved and said, “This is a great example of federal and local authorities working together for a successful outcome”.

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