Fugitive arrested in Middlesboro

By Marisa Anders - [email protected]

A man wanted in connection with several burglaries in both Claiborne and Union Counties was arrested Friday in Middlesboro, Kentucky.

According to reports from the Middlesboro Police Department (MPD), Officer Chuck Bruce arrested Jason Carbone, 38, at Junction Apartments around 12:47 a.m. Officials have been searching for Carbone for over a month.

Carbone is charged by the MPD on three counts of being a fugitive. He is wanted in Claiborne County, Union County and Oxford, North Carolina, according to the citations.

Carbone was being sought after officials found alleged stolen items in August at his residence on Widner Road in New Tazewell.

Operating on an anonymous tip, Deputies Josh Fields and Dewayne Napier of the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) found a U-Haul trailer that had been reported as stolen at Carbone’s residence. Sgt. Shawn Goode of the Tazewell Police Department (TPD) was called to investigate because the alleged U-Haul theft had occurred in Tazewell.

Another incident of theft of items out of a refrigerated trailer hooked to a tractor in a gravel parking lot beside U.S. Hwy. 25E in Tazewell was being investigated by the TPD as well. Those items included boxed candies and pastries, according to an affidavit from General Sessions Court.

According to a witness at that scene, a black SUV was seen pulling a U-Haul trailer from the location of the refrigerated truck.

Goode said that during his investigation he found that Carbone owns a black SUV – a 2003 GMC Denali – that matches the description of the suspect’s vehicle.

On Aug. 12 the U-Haul trailer was searched and a Honda four-wheeler and a picnic table were found inside. Goode investigated and found the picnic table was reported stolen during an incident in New Tazewell, confirmed by New Tazewell Police Department Chief Ben Evans, and the four-wheeler had been reported stolen from Union County on Aug. 11.

Goode executed a search warrant for Carbone’s residence, where he found items reported stolen from the refrigerated truck.

Numerous other items were found inside the residence, many reported stolen in Union County. Some were reported stolen from around the Claiborne County area.

“Everything in the house was stolen,” said Goode in an interview, “down to the rugs, the decorations and even the toilet paper.”

A hot tub, allegedly stolen as well, was in the front yard of the residence, he added.

Det. Chris Carden and Sheriff Billy Breeding of Union County came to the residence and confirmed the items were stolen from there, Goode said. Five or six Union County burglaries were solved, he said, with possible connections to at least 12 more.

Several law enforcement officials from Union County later came to recover those items, Goode said.

In addition to the charges in Middlesboro, Carbone is currently charged in Claiborne County with burglary and three charges of theft of property over $1,000. Other charges are still pending in Claiborne County as well as Union County.

“The Tazewell Police Department is very thankful to the Middlesboro Police Department for their diligent efforts in the apprehension of fugitive Jason Carbone, who has been eluding law enforcement,” said Goode after Carbone’s arrest on Friday.

Also assisting with the local investigation were Det. Anthony Veillon and Patrolman Phillip Stubblefield.

Goode commended all the officials involved.

“It’s rare that we solve this many burglaries at once,” he said, “but there was great cooperation between all of the law enforcement agencies.

After his arrest, Carbone was taken to the Bell County, Kentucky, Detention Center to await arraignment. There is no official word as of yet on extradition to Tennessee or North Carolina.

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By Marisa Anders

[email protected]

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