8th consecutive audit is clean

Albey Brock

Bell County Judge-Executive Albey Brock commented on the 2014 fiscal year audit during the regular meeting Tuesday. He said it was the eighth audit under his administration, all of which have been clean.

“We’re really proud in this environment to have a clean audit,” said Brock.

He said money has not been used in ways it shouldn’t, and they haven’t done clandestine or corrupt things with it.

“I can’t sit here and take all the credit for that,” said Brock. “That’s got a lot to do with you guys (the fiscal court). Your job is partly to watch me. That’s what a fiscal court does.”

Brock also gave credit to Clara Miracle, treasurer Irma Brooks and her staff for making sure things are done right. He said those individuals make sure “the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.”

“These girls deserve a lot of credit for making sure I don’t make an honest mistake,” said Brock.

The fiscal court also hired Ben Collett as a seasonal worker at the Bell County Road Department at $7.25 per hour during the meeting.

Brock said the hire makes three seasonal workers for the road department.

“That will help us catch up to the grass cutting because a lot of the area we have to actually go in and weed eat,” said Brock.

Brock said during this time of year it is hard, because storms roll through and make weeds and grass grow faster.

Other business taken care of during the meeting include:

• Approve payment of $22,446.75 to the Bell County Volunteer Fire Department for operating expenses;

• Approve payment of $23,110.72 to Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers for work performed on the KY 1534 Connector project;

• Hire Katherine Hurd as summer worker for the County Attorney’s Office at $7.25 per hour;

• Hire Vernon Blanton as part-time EMT for the Bell County Ambulance Service at $9 per hour;

• Change Valery Satkowski from part-time to full-time deputy jailer at the Bell County Jail;

• Accept check in the amount of $131,877.86 from Mitch Williams, Bell County sheriff;

• Accept checks in the amount of $13,764.28 from Debbie Gambrel, Bell County clerk.

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