Increasing the rank

Anthony Cloud|Daily News The Middlesboro Fire Department was recently rated a Class 3 by the Insurance Services Office.

It was announced during the regular Middlesboro City Council meeting that the fire department received a classification of a three from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). It was previously rated a five.

“Going from a five to a three is a pretty good step,” said fire Chief Tim Wilder.

Wilder complimented the city council for their help. He said without their support and funding, they wouldn’t be where they are.

“That’s a good plus for Middlesboro,” said councilman Phillip Ball. “It shows that our fire department is doing it’s job.”

The chief said the reclassification process took place in February. He said in 1993, the fire department was rated a six by ISO. In 2004, Wilder asked them to come in and re-evaluate the department, in which the department dropped to a five.

In regards to insurance savings for those in Middlesboro, Wilder said that some should see a pretty good drop in rates. Ball said the savings would also depend on insurance agencies. Some recognize the system while others do not.

Wilder said the classification system is based on the fire department and the community.

“The fire department is 50 percent of the score. The water distribution system is 40 percent,” said Wilder.

Other things that factor into the rating include commercial buildings, alarm systems and other things of that nature.

According to Wilder, the fire department has made many upgrades in their training. They also report all fire incidents to the national fire reporting system.

As it pertains to ISO, they set the schedule nationwide to evaluate communities to base their rates on, according to Wilder. They typically do their classifications every 20 years.

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