Clairfield: 6 indicted on murder, robbery charges

By Jan Runions - [email protected]

Tommy Lynn Hurst

Vanassa Ann Hurst

Those suspected of the robbery and murder in late November of a Clairfield man will be brought to trial. The Claiborne Grand Jury indicted six individuals allegedly connected to the death during the early morning hours of Nov. 27 of Hershel Wayne Gulley.

The two alleged frontrunners in this case, Vanassa Ann Hurst, 26, and Tommy Lynn Hurst, 50, were indicted for first and second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter, respectively. True bills were also returned on Adam Michael Barton, 24, Kayla June Partin, 28, Brandon James Partin, 26, and Michael Alan Chesney, 27, for conspiracy to commit robbery. Vanassa Hurst was also indicted on robbery charges.

In his Affidavits of Complaint, CCSO detective Bradley Duncan detailed the apparent sequence of events that led to Gulley’s murder. The initial plan to commit robbery was allegedly hatched during the late night hours of Nov. 26 at the Partin residence by the two siblings along with Barton, Chesney and Megan Graziosi, according to Duncan.

“Gulley is contacted and asked if he would like to purchase some methamphetamine. Gulley later arrives at the Partin’s residence, and Kayla Partin gets into his vehicle. According to Brandon Partin, before leaving the residence, Brandon provides Adam Barton with a can of mace to use in the robbery, and was, in fact, used in the robbery,” reads one of the Affidavits of Complaint, in part.

According to a statement provided to Duncan by Brandon Partin, Kayla Partin and Vanassa Hurst were planning to “coerce Gulley out of his pants, but if unsuccessful, Barton would mace Gulley so the others could take his money.”

Just after midnight, Chesney drove Graziosi, Adam Barton, James Partin, and Vanassa Hurst to an empty church parking lot, located over the Kentucky border, to meet with Gulley.

According to the affidavits, the group then forcefully robbed Gulley of $45 in cash, taking his car keys before leaving the scene.

In an effort to retrieve his belongings, Gulley apparently followed the group to the residence of Tommy Lynn Hurst, who is the uncle of Vanassa Hurst.

Prior to Gulley’s arrival, Vanassa Hurst told her uncle she had been sexually assaulted by Gulley, according to one of the Affidavits.

Tommy Hurst allegedly “struck the victim in his face, knocking him to the ground, where he, along with (Kayla) Partin and his niece, continued to assault the victim by kicking him. The defendant (Tommy Hurst) also stated that his niece used a mop handle during the assault, and that, afterwards, he realized that Partin and his niece were removing items from the victim’s pockets,” reads the same affidavit, in part.

Vanassa Ann Hurst is incarcerated under a $250,000 bond. Tommy Lynn Hurst is currently without bond and is scheduled for arraignment on April 4.

Duncan and CCSO Captain David Honeycutt were first on scene. This case was also worked by CCSO Sgt. Carl Mozingo, detectives Gary Ruszkowski and Anthony Veillon, Sgt. Jason Henegar and deputy Blake Laws.

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Tommy Lynn Hurst Lynn Hurst

Vanassa Ann Hurst Ann Hurst

By Jan Runions

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