City discusses repairs

William S. Tribell | Daily News The Pineville Utility Commission recently met in special session.

In a special-called meeting last week the Pineville Utility Commission discussed the failure of the wastewater treatment plant’s lagoon and the restoration progress.

The wastewater treatment plant failure occurred in April when a drain collapsed. The drain was located in one of the equalization basins at the facility. It was concluded a rupture (or failure) of the subterranean pipe below the basin caused the earth within the basin to shift — subsequently tearing the liner and allowing wastewater to escape.

At a regular meeting in April, the board approved a declaration of emergency. Manager Bill Bunch explained the situation and options available for temporary treatment as well as the removal of damaged equipment and sludge — and reconstruction of the plant. The discussion included repairs to the lagoon floor, lines, equipment, a replacement liner and potential funding options.

The Utility Commissions filed an insurance claim, but were told their policy did not cover this type of calamity.

At the latest special-called meeting it was suggested and approved for the commissions to ask the city to propose and support a resolution endorsing the project. Under this resolution they may seek loan assistance. The state is authorized to render financial assistance to eligible project applicants by way of the Infrastructure Revolving Fund (Fund B – State Revolving Loan Program).

Bunch will bring this before the city council at their next regular meeting this month.

The estimated total cost of the project is $307,915.69.

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