A police ‘knock and talk’ results in arrest

A Middlesboro man was arrested on Tuesday after police conducted a “knock and talk” at his residence.

Jason D. Messer, 31, of Middlesboro, was charged with second-degree trafficking a controlled substance, third-degree trafficking a controlled substance, trafficking in marijuana less than 8 ounces and buy/possess drug paraphernalia.

According to the arrest citation, officers conducted the “knock and talk” at Messer’s residence due to numerous complaints of drug trafficking activity. Upon contact at the front door, Officer Barry Cowan noticed Messer concealing items on the kitchen table. A search of the residence revealed Messer having pills — approximately two and a half white pills and three orange pills, both buprenorphine, and 31 blue pills, clonazepam, in his possession on the kitchen table. All of the pills were out on an orange tray. Also located on the table next to the pills was a $10 bill and seven $5 bills, a baggy of marijuana with two buds, several empty plastic baggies, needles, a can with burn marks and residue, a box of needles, digital scales and Messer’s wallet and identification, containing $711.

In other police news,

*Justice Baker, 21, of Middlesboro, was arrested for receiving stolen property up to $10,000.

The arrest citation states Baker was seen pushing a motorcycle behind a building and laying it down. The motorcycle had been stolen a short time before, maybe an hour before, Baker was observed in the area where it was take from and was said to look suspicious. The witness who saw him was on his way to work but after seeing Baker decided to turn around. Once back in the area, the witness observed Baker pushing the motorcycle and placing it behind a building on Jewish Cemetery Road. The witness called dispatch and gave the location and direction Baker was headed. Officers located Baker and the witness positively identified him.

*Timothy Martin, 52, of Middlesboro, was arrested for alcohol intoxication in a public place, possession of marijuana and second- and third-degree possession of a controlled substance.

Police report that Martin appeared in a public place while being manifestly under the influence of alcohol to the degree that he may endanger himself by walking/stumbling into traffic. A breathalyzer test showed the presence of alcohol and there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. Upon arrest, a search revealed an x-large “blunt” believed to be marijuana and 21 white oblong tablets believed to be hydrocodone and 24 yellow round tablets believed to be clonazepam.

*Wesley Mink, 27, of Middlesboro, was arrested for allegedly taking and forging a money order.

According to the arrest citation, Mink spent the night with an individual at her home on July 3. On July 4, the individual noticed her money order for rent made out to Middlesboro Housing Authority was stolen. Mink cashed the money order at Bill’s Market on July 4.

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