Vets seek to place WW II monument

The Tri-State Vietnam Veterans are seeking donations to erect a World War II memorial monument at the Middlesboro City Park.

The monument will be dedicated to the men and women of Bell County, Claiborne County, Tenn. and Lee County, Va. — both civilian and military, who served our nation and the world in World War II.

“This monument is for everyone involved in the World War II effort,” said the group’s president Larry Thacker Sr. “The fighters are the spearheads of course, but people at home did their part too and those people supporting the war effort from home were essential and helped win the war.”

This Tri-County World War II monument will be sculpted out of Black granite imported from Africa. It will be placed among the other monuments dedicated to other wars already located at Middlesboro City Park. The group placed a Vietnam monument near the fountain in 1998 and they say this one will be similar, but somewhat larger in scale.

“The reason behind the memorial is to honor not only the soldiers but ‘Rosie the Riveter’ too,” said member Mike Marcum. “We want to acknowledge the ‘greatest’ generation who gave so much overseas and at home.”

The total cost of the endeavor will be $15,000. All funds collected will go wholly to this project. With a contribution of $500 or more, any individual or business will have their name or the name of a veteran inscribed on a separate plaque as a major contributor.

“We are hoping to have it ready and dedicate the monument by October,” said Thacker. “All donations of any size are greatly appreciated.”

For more information on this project or to make a donation, contact Larry Thacker at (606) 499-4277.

Reach William Tribell at (865) 978 – 3337 or on Twitter at wtribell_mdn

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