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I’m not one to go for all this “A United World” stuff, but I do think the entire planet should celebrate the 4th of July. Here is why.

For thousands of years, the human race trudged along pretty much the same way as it always had and then along came America. Since the founding of America think of how far we’ve come.

Medicine: When American independence was declared, doctors believed that “bleeding” someone was the best way to cure what ails you. Now a simple blood test can pretty much diagnose any illness. Things that were certain death in 1776 can be treated now with medicine and is not life threatening at all.

Transportation: I live about 70 miles Indianapolis. Driving the 55 mph speed limit; it takes about an hour and 15 minutes. We can drive to Indy, shop for three hours, eat a meal, then drive home all in six and a half hours. To travel the same distance in 1776 to go to the city and purchase supplies; I would have to hook the wagon to the team and travel for three days. Spend a day getting done what I need to do, then the three day trip home. What takes a little less than seven hours to do now; took seven days to do then. This is what the average Joe can do and I won’t even mention the fact that only Americans have walked on the moon.

Some might say, “Well, it’s been 200 some years since America was founded so there have to be advancements in things.”

OK. Look at it this way, go back 200 or so years before America was founded and see how much stuff changed.

Christopher Columbus in 1492 traveled in large ships powered by the wind and sails, exactly like they did in 1776.

Farmers used beast pulled plows and planted by hand just as they did for thousands of years, in fact About.com says, “The farmers of George Washington’s day had no better tools than had the farmers of Julius Caesar’s day.” Have you driven through farm country recently? The machinery is as big as a house and there is no comparison with how much land can be farmed in one day as was able to be farmed in 1776.

Medicine, transportation, science, technology, construction, every area of life is better and more likely than not, an American is responsible.

This is not because we are smarter, or more inventive, it is because we are freer. Before America everyone in the world lived under a king or some sort of ruler. The lower classes served the upper crust and you were born into your way and position of life. Unless your father was part of the ruling class, you were destined for a life on the farm, or as a servant working your days for someone else and hoped you could get some nice crumbs to fall off the table.

Then along comes this idea of personal freedom. The idea that a man with some ingenuity, back bone and elbow grease could rise from the lower class and make something of himself; that everyone receives their rights from God and not the king. That everyone has the right to pursue happiness. If happiness was working, saving money, buying 20 acres, getting married, having a houseful of children and living out his days, he had the right to do so. If happiness was going from a log cabin to the White House a man had a right to give it his best effort. If happiness is working in a lab and inventing thousands of things to make life better for the average man (Thomas Edison) then he has a right to do what he can to follow that endeavor.

It is the freedom and liberty of America that has brought the advances to mankind that has made the world what it is today. As long as America remains free the world is a better place.

It is the Fourth of July, this is our day and ours alone, but the world should celebrate it.

Preacher Johnson is pastor of Countryside Baptist Church in Parke County, Ind. He and his wife, Julie, have four grown children and 12 grandchildren. All scripture references are from the KJV. Blog: www.preacherjohnson.com Email: preacherspoint@gmail.com.

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