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By Angela Jackson Contributing Writer

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I dare to differ with Dr. Harold Pease, whose remarks about “Hamas’ War on Israel” appeared in the Middlesboro Daily News on Aug. 6.

It is my opinion that Dr. Pease’s article is extremely biased and misleading concerning the Palestinian-Arab-Israeli conflict. As of Aug. 2, 2014, sixteen hundred (1,600) Palestinians were reported killed, hundreds of those being children, and 8,400 wounded. Dr. Pease seemed to have no sympathy for them but was relieved that only 43 Israeli soldiers had died. Actually, it was 47 soldiers and three civilians. It seems that Hamas is better at distinguishing soldiers from civilians.

Maybe Dr. Pease is unaware that Israel created Hamas to combat Yasser Arafat and divide the Palestinian people, a method known as divide-and-conquer. To Arafat the conflict was about the destruction and genocide of the Palestinian people, who happen to be Christians, Muslims and Jews. After Israel created Hamas, together Israel and Hamas turned the conflict into a Holy War. Israel always keeps the upper hand when it makes the war about religion.

I also disagree with Dr. Pease on how Israel was created. True, Great Britain favored a Jewish homeland after World War I. Great Britain was dissecting the Middle East, creating Iran, Iraq, Kutar, Syria, Egypt and the rest without any compassion or respect for the various cultures and religions. All the lands the Brits had not named by World War II were the Palestinian territories. Before they could divide them up, WW II broke out and Great Britain needed the Arabs for allies. So, dividing the territories was sidetracked.

Before WWII, Jews, Christians and Muslims were all living in peace in Palestine. Great Britain continued to stall the Jewish faction which continued to demand a homeland, and, understandably, was even more determined after the Holocaust. Unfortunately for the world and the Palestinians, a group of Jewish zealots formed an army and went one night and took their proposed homeland by force, killing any non-Jewish Palestinians who refused to give up their land, homes and businesses. Christians and Muslims and Arabs alike were driven into the desert, where they resided in refugee camps and are still there after 50 years.

The UN did not create the state of Israel, it just recognized it.

The Arab states were appalled at the savagery that brought about the state of Israel, plus the complete lack of sympathy the world showed the Palestinians who were killed or uprooted from their homes, Muslims and Christians alike.

This is what caused the conflict concerning the creation of Israel. This is how Israel was created, and now the continuing genocide of the Palestinians and the continued occupation of Palestine by Israelis. This explains the hypocrisy of the UN, who kowtows to the Israeli government and refuses to intervene and stop this conflict.

The truth is that 9/11 would not have happened; hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved; the US would not have enemies in the Middle East; and the world would be a better place if Israel had really been created by the UN, with respect for all the human beings involved.

Israel and Hamas have formed an unholy alliance. Hamas leads the world to believe it supports and defends Palestine, but evidence proves contrary. Hamas boasts that its operations are located among innocent Palestinians. The more children who crowd around them, the better. Israel bombs neighborhood after neighborhood but, miraculously, Hamas allegedly escapes while hundreds of Palestinians are slaughtered.

Israel announced that all the tunnels to Gaza have been destroyed. Instead of Hamas strategically letting Israel believe it was successful, it proclaims that there are hundreds more tunnels.

Hamas and Israel want this conflict to continue until the Palestinians cease to exist. Israel wants the entire Palestinian territory. That has always been the plan. If Israel really wanted peace, it would seek help from the UN and allow UN observers into Palestine.

The other Arab countries could be persuaded to help get rid of Hamas, because they all know that Israel created Hamas.

I believe there should be an Israeli and Palestinian state. I also believe that Israel owes reparations to the people they forced off the land they now call Israel.

Israel should no longer be allowed to play the anti-Semitic religion card. The world should start playing the humanitarian card.

The world should no longer provide arms to Israel. The war will never end as long as Israel does not have to negotiate, only kill.

It is time to end this travesty. It is time for the truth, and like Palestine, Washington, D.C., should no longer be Israel-occupied territory.

I feel that Dr. Pease does not fully understand the situation in Palestine. He has clearly taken the position that Israel holds no responsibility for the death and inhumanity in Palestine. As an individual, Dr. Pease has that right. As a true historian and authority, however, he is not entitled to rewrite history to suit his personal preferences.

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