Believability: Lessons in faith

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Who likes talking about the weather? The most popular comment often made by folks regarding the weather is that the meteorologist “never get anything right.” The weather report calls for sunshine, and it rains. The prediction for the weekend is gloomy, and the weather is perfect. We have all experienced those types of weather moments. Looking at a seven to 10-day weather forecast and planning is something we all do but with little stock that it will be correct.

There are plenty of professions that have good and bad predictions, but I’m pretty confident that the weather report brings out the ‘nay-say’ in us as far as believability is concerned.

Believing can be a real challenge because we are asked to demonstrate our faith about something that has yet to occur. Believing the Bible describes as being able to see that which at the moment, you cannot see physically. One might suggest that if we don’t believe, or refuse to give any belief to the weather forecast it might be impossible to believe in a God that is yet unseen by our human eyes. After all, seeing is believing or at least that is the practice of some individuals that I know. As for me personally, I remember the moment that I believed in God and the practice of my then new Christian faith.

My first experience with faith came through my relationship with my parents. My parents made promises like many parents do. Do you remember your parents saying “if you do this then they will respond with…?”These conversations were my first lessons in faith. My parents did what they said so the foundation was established early in my life about believing and having faith.

My faith as a child was a simple. If I would do as I was told rewards would often be handed out by my parents. Childlike faith is more than basic faith. Childlike faith becomes the testing ground for every decision to believe and forever action that requires faith. As an adult it is this childlike foundation of faith that has grown with my experiments as a teenager and adult. The issue of Christian faith revolves around one question. Will the practice of this faith about Jesus Christ lead to eternal life and a place the Bible calls heaven?

Christian’s practice a belief that because of what Jesus did on the cross, our sins are forgiven forever. By believing in Him our actions should tell the story of Jesus Christ and His love. Anyone can receive this forgiveness too. It is a free gift to all! John 3:16 says, ‘For whosoever” and this includes every person on the Earth — red, yellow, black and white.

Jesus and I had a talk that began in 1972 and this conversation has continued to grow throughout the years. My faith began as a child and today it continues as an adult. As for my faith, I believe more in Jesus today than ever before. While I have not yet seen Him personally, face to face yet, I look forward to that day when the realization of my faith will be made whole.

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Tim Mills

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