Children of faith

We all want the very best for our children and our grandchildren. There’s a song that’s popular right now on secular music stations called “Never Alone” which reflects every parent’s desire for their children to always have the security and confidence of their love; to have happy, content lives. We want our children and grandchildren to know that they are never alone but that our love is always with them even if we’re not there in person. As Christians, we especially want them to understand that God is always with them no matter where they are.

God is present always.

We have to teach them this, though. Kids don’t automatically know about God. It’s our duty as parents to teach them that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them and is always with them. God relies on us to instill our faith in them.

Being a parent is incredibly joyful, but it’s also an incredible responsibility too.

Our children aren’t just ours; they belong to God as well. We are all of us children of God. He loves every one of us and He tasks us as parents with the awesome, beautiful job of teaching them about His love.

Being a parent is a challenge because you never know what to expect.

I read a little story about a dad whose daughter kept asking him for a drink of water at bedtime. He got exasperated after a while and said, “This is the 10th glass of water I’ve brought you.” She replied, “I know but daddy the bedroom is still on fire.”

Being a parent is always an adventure.

It’s always a joy, though, as well. It’s a joy that God has given us and we can be grateful for it.

In the book of Deuteronomy, God encouraged His people to remember what He had done for them and to teach these things to their children. He wanted them to remember all He had done, not because He needs our approval and attention but because He wanted them to pass the details of His love down to the next generation.

God has been good to all of us (even to those who don’t recognize His goodness). He wants us to share the stories of His love as expressed to us with our kids. We are to tell them what He has done for us so that they will see He is a loving God who cares for us and them passionately.

To do this, however, we have to walk in the presence of God. We have to be living with Him every day developing our relationship with Him so that we will have those stories to tell. Our children need to see our faith as it’s modelled through our actions. If they are to grow up as Christians in an increasingly unchristian culture, they need to see our faith and see how it is a blessing to us.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]

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