To the citizens of Middlesboro


I would like to take this opportunity to clearly outline what the passage of the recallable nickel tax would provide to the Middlesboro Independent School District.

This tax will generate locally $226,000 per year. The state will provide matching funding of $198,000 per year. Over a 20 year bond this recallable nickel tax will provide additional bonding potential of $5.7 million.

Without the recallable nickel tax, it could be 20 years before this amount of funding will be available. We cannot wait 20 years to complete critical improvements to our facilities.

The recallable nickel tax will not be used for salaries, staff raises or creating new positions.

The recallable nickel tax will be used for heating and air conditioning, roof replacement, renovations, cafeteria and kitchen improvements, window and door replacements and parking improvements.

Many positive things are happening in Middlesboro. Our schools have made substantial academic gains. Our students deserve better facilities. In order for our community to grow and prosper, we must have school facilities that are updated and appealing to the people we are trying to recruit to our community. Our goal is to educate and equip the next workforce, which will benefit everyone in this community.

We have worked to develop an appropriate District Facilities Plan that included community input. This plan illustrates the unmet need of our school district. This may allow the school district to be eligible for millions of dollars in state grants. However, in order to be eligible, we have to pass the recallable nickel tax.

No one wants to pay more taxes, but this is an investment in our children as well as our community.

We are having a special board meeting at 6 p.m. on Aug. 6 at Middlesboro Elementary School to offer information and answer questions.

I hope that you will consider supporting this investment. I am available to speak to any individual or organization that would like further information.

Steve Martin

Superintendent, Middlesboro Schools

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