Clubhouse vandalism

Sometimes, certain people engage in activities so senseless and inane that the rest of us are dumbstruck … Such was the case last weekend in Temple Hill, when an idiot vandal — or vandals — thrashed and trashed the Temple Hill Lions Club’s clubhouse on Ky. 63, apparently only a few hours after the close of the Lions Club’s biggest community event of the year, the Barren County Fair.

What a way to express appreciation for a successful fair, which officials said attracted about 7,000 visitors, the second-highest gate count in the event’s 61-year history. Thousands of dollars in damage was caused to the building, which will require extensive and expensive repairs.

“For a lack of a better term, it’s just a kick in the gut,” said Lions Club member William Myatt, who serves as fair manager.

Of course, it’s still unknown whether the vandalism actually had anything to do with the Lions Club or the fair. It could have easily been a random target, an unfortunate surfacing of abject ignorance at a moment of community pride. If that’s the case, it’s of little consolation to the club or to Temple Hill, but it at least makes the act slightly less obnoxious.

Obviously, far worse crimes occur, ones with tragic and irreversible results. The clubhouse can and will be fixed, and the Temple Hill community will be at its best as it rallies together to get the work done.

Still, the vandalism is particularly bothersome because it is one of those occasional reminders that our communities aren’t quite as docile as we want to believe they are … Meanwhile, we hope those responsible for the destruction soon find themselves booked for a long stay in a much less welcoming kind of house.

Daily Times, Glasgow

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