Vote ‘yes’ on Sept. 15

Letter to the Editor


We would like to underscore the critical importance of Middlesboro passing the “moist” referendum on Sept. 15. The question is not one of ‘keeping alcohol out.’ It is closely available in almost in direction.

The questions are: Do we want to enhance the dining options of our existing restaurants and attract new ones to provide variety in our town? Do we want to grow the tourism industry which may be generally unseen but is strong and bringing dollars to the Tri-State? Do we want jobs related to a growing tourism industry, not just restaurant service jobs, but jobs in lodging and retail that go with enticing tourists to stay awhile? Do we want to support our police department with the revenue from alcohol sales?

The sign on the north side of Middlesboro says ‘population 12,251.’ The 2010 census showed us having 10,334. Now the state of Kentucky lists us as having a population of 9,872.

Jimmy Buffett has a song about a “dying kind of town.” Are we going to let that happen to us? Alcohol sales in restaurants are only a part of effecting a turnaround for us. However, it is an essential part.

A great many of our ‘best and brightest’ have been leaving for years. Lack of jobs is the biggest factor. But, many claim ‘nothing to do’ as a major reason. Opportunities for dining out with friends for good food and adult beverages would help combat that mindset.

Please vote “yes” on Sept. 15.

Bill and Mary Edna Blackmon

Wayne and Rudelle Greene

Charlie and Betty Nagle

Kirby and Donna Smith

Bob and Sharon Vaughn

Letter to the Editor
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