Combating drug abuse

In Kentucky, we are battling way too many deadly drugs.

The main drugs that come to mind that have become an epidemic in this state are methamphetamine, oxycodone and heroin.

These three drugs have taken far too many lives in our city and state, and while law enforcement officials are doing their best to combat these issues, there will likely be no way to eradicate them.

Last year, drug overdoses caused 18 deaths in Warren County. That number has remained fairly stable during the past three years, with 20 overdoses in 2013 and 18 in 2012.

As if battling these drugs isn’t bad enough, there is a new drug called Opana, a high-powered time-released opiate pill that has made its way to the black market in our city.

Thus far, the drug, which contains an abuse deterrent that prevents crushing the pill for snorting or injecting, has taken the lives of several people who overdosed on it, and there have already been six people arrested here this month for trafficking the drug.

Some generic versions of the drug don’t contain this abuse deterrent.

This is a very dangerous, powerful drug that was popular among IV drug abusers a few years back, and its abuse can be linked to the increase in new HIV cases, which is certainly another cause for great concern.

It’s obvious we have got to head off this drug before its availability because even more widespread than what has occurred with methamphetamine and heroin.

Drug task force officials in Bowling Green and Warren County say the drug dropped off for a while but is making a comeback. The drug sells for $100 a pill on the streets and gives the user 12 hours of medication, similar to the effects of heroin.

While this is a legal drug if prescribed, drug dealers are smuggling it into our city as if it were a street drug.

We have stated before that while we don’t blame the rise in these drugs in our streets directly on Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System, or KASPER, we do believe it has indirectly contributed to the higher demand in this state for such drugs as heroin and now Opana.

We must seriously focus on battling Opana before it claims more lives and becomes an epidemic …

The Daily News, Bowling Green

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