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As a writer, I often get excited about writing this column and sharing something I’ve discovered, learned or find motivating. With the writing of this very column I got all excited and then I hit a roadblock. I was thinking about the term “hay day,” an expression often used by we mountain folks, and then the roadblock problem was discovered. I am counting on the thought that many of you will be as I found myself to be with respect to a “hay day” expression.

“Hay Day” is a great word to use in expressing success, excitement, joy, happiness or delight. People will often say ‘they are having a hay day’ in describing the fun grandchildren, children or others are enjoying. My roadblock occurred while conducting a little research on the subject when I discovered that there were two different meanings of my thinking also including two different spellings too. I’ve always spelled the expression “hay day” with hay and day as my combination of thought. Way back in the day kids and children rolled in the hay, played in the hay, jumped from bales of hay, built forts of hay and my list goes on. Thinking this way, hay is the only word I would think of using to express such a great moment of fun.

However, my thinking was roadblocked upon the discovery that using “hay” in the term “hay day” is totally incorrect and I was left sitting and thinking how could I have even been so misguided and I thought about even blaming my English and spelling teachers from grade school and high school for failing to enlighten my mind to such understanding and knowledge. (Oh wouldn’t they just love to correct my long drawn out sentence and overbearing use of the word and too, lol). The correct spelling for the expression is “hey day.” The error of my way halted me and I’m not sure if I’ve properly written a work around but success is a notable moment that should be highlighted and marked with relaxation, smiles and if appropriate a laugh.

Success is measured many different ways, and while we may get the spelling wrong, our expression will no doubt be correct. Sometimes words can get us tied up into a messy situation by we can thank God that He knows and clearly understands our hearts. There the real language of life is spoken and expressed.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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