Moist vote not the answer

By Mike Marcum - Guest Columnist

To be able to make an accurate comparison, as has been suggested concerning the moist vote, we do need to look at Pineville and the lies that were told there of a hotel, new revenue and nice restaurants.

Nothing came to pass, with the exception of the city annexing the Pine Mountain State Resort Park Lodge and selling alcohol there, and that has not been much of a success. London is a mess. Again, lies were told in order to legalize the sale of alcohol, and there has not been very much to show for it.

And concerning the so called “heydays” of our past, whether it be 1890, 1914, 1927, 1950 or 1970 or any other era, please remember that we live in 2015 and the last thing that Middlesboro needs is another drug being sold in our city, legal or illegal.

There will be no “boom” to our economy to attract a better restaurant, and with 40 percent of our citizenry living at or below the poverty line, the idea that a better restaurant is the answer to our problems is borderline stupid.

The newest restaurant in Middlesboro has a turnover rate of about 30 waitresses and cooks every two months because they won’t show up for work, so the idea of a new restaurant waiting in the wings for a moist vote so they can move in, again, is foolish.

But by far, the biggest lie being told is that there will be no open bars in our community. How can anyone say that two or three establishments in downtown Middlesboro will not open a bar/restaurant? If the possibility is even 1 percent higher that one of these bars (restaurants) would cost the life of one of our children or maim one of our citizens, then why even have it?

Our children are our greatest resource and it is our duty to protect them at all cost. If you think that a restaurant/bar on the highway and two or three downtown is the answer to seeing our storefronts filled or that a restaurant job is what is going to keep our young people here, how foolish.

To even think that “moist” could ever achieve this is impossible. We need jobs that our citizens can make a living with, to feed and clothe their families, and not have to depend on a tip from someone having a drink.

The bottom line is that a few in Middlesboro will get a little richer at the expense of the rest of us who are struggling to make ends meet. It has always been that way in our small town, where you can start at Fountain Square and be anywhere in Middlesboro in less than five minutes. We are a community and a bar anywhere in our city will affect all of us. A few will get a little richer and the rest will have the “same ole thing.”

Our elected officials have lost touch with our community. They have no idea the problems we face with the loss of jobs, drugs being sold all over our city and young girls selling themselves on our streets. They think that buying the country club/ golf course and selling alcohol is the answer. Most of us were never allowed on the country club in the past. Now we don’t have the money or the time to play golf. We are too busy trying to put food on the table, pay our bills and rent.

This moist vote is not the answer. It’s another problem we all will have to deal with. If you want to help, spend time trying to bring jobs to Middlesboro rather than another drug.

By Mike Marcum

Guest Columnist

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