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Not everyone is interested in the Bible or what it has to say. Not everyone believes the Bible. However, most people are very interested in current headlines on TV, in newspapers and magazines. What happens when the two come into total alignment? How can it be that the prophetic writings that were recorded 2,000 years ago and longer are now playing out in the public arena?

Those who find the Bible irrelevant may want to take a second look. What if studying the Bible reveals what is coming in the future and in what order?

Many unchurched people think the first place to look in the Bible is the book of Revelation. It is a book of mysteries so complicated that even Biblical scholars don’t have the story completely untangled. It is often confusing and so full of symbolism that it can be terrifying to a reader who has no background in other Biblical prophecies and events foretold. The books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Matthew hold much prophetic information. For those specializing in the study of prophecy, there are parallels and clues throughout the Bible.

When I did a Google search about Bible prophecy, over four and a half million sites were listed. When I started clicking through them, there was so much information it quickly became overwhelming. Reputable scholars and ministers from many walks of the Christian faith are all saying the same thing.

We are living in the last age of man as we know it. Political corruption, economic distress, wars and rumors of wars, treatment resistant diseases, military might, nuclear weaponry, changes in the weather and earthquakes are all evidence in these scholars’ minds that something major is getting ready to happen in the world arena.

Johnathan Cahn’s book, “The Harbingers,” is a fictionalized account of what he and many others believe to be true warning signs that we as a nation and as a world are quickly approaching the end of days.

With the majority of the American public deadest against any kind of nuclear deal with Iran, our elected officials continue to push toward making it happen in spite of the will of the majority. If our elected officials do not reflect the voice of the people they are sworn to represent, then democracy has lost its voice.

I do not consider myself a prophet, nor a scholar of the prophetic, yet I often know things by the Spirit of God working in me before they happen. Anything revealed in advance to anyone is an opportunity for prayer and preparation. I believe prayer can change the course of history and increase our window of time before those things revealed in the book of Revelation come to pass.

I’ve heard people all of my life say that “It is God’s will. These things have to happen. That’s how God said it would be.”

I see it from a different perspective. When the prophets of old wrote about the end times, they were writing it from a perspective as if they were there looking at it as it was happening. It wasn’t God making it happen. It was because of the gift of freedom to choose and the evil choices that men make that God allowed the prophets to see the results man had brought upon himself and the world. The prophets were seeing it as historical events unfolding. God was not revealing all of the awful things He was going to do to men. He was revealing the consequences of men’s evil unto themselves. In the end, it is God who will judge what has been done and who will set things right once again.

Keep an eye on September. I believe there is coming a great shaking in the earth in economy, powers and the earth itself. Turn on the news. Open a newspaper. The headlines should be a wake-up call for all of us.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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