The evolution of political correctness

Tim Mills - Until then

Political correctness has been a long evolving process. The term actually became a regular part of frequent conversation in the 1990s. Sparing usage of the phrase ‘politically correct’ can be discovered from speeches and some published articles from the 1960s, but the meaning has varied with individuals and organizations.

For example the term during the 60s referenced a consumer or a lifestyle choice. The White Panther Party used the term to work toward a cultural revolution. They were a counterculture era group that started at the suggestion of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party. The White Panther Party was not a white supremacist group. To the contrary their efforts worked with ethnic minority groups. How is that for politically correctness? If you are confused I might suggest you are not alone. Names can be misleading and it is only through conversation about vision, purpose, mission statements that explain direction and learning about goals can one make an informed evaluation of intent regarding the term ‘politically correct’.

To be a person that is kind or listens to others as they speak some would describe as politically correct. These actions I personally would describe as characteristics of a decent human being. To hear someone make a false statement and to not share correct information is the actions of someone attempting to be politically correct. To agree with someone’s opinion or thoughts when you disagree is the work of being politically correct. The ability to agree to disagree is the work of maturity. To hold a different opinion and respect the thoughts of others is a mark of integrity. Politically correct is overrated even though it appears society applauds it’s every turn at the moment.

Jesus Christ certainly was not politically correct oriented. He loved sinners, hung out with prostitutes, and Jesus even demonstrated love to a thief that was being put to death at Calvary on a cross for crimes. Jesus was so not politically correct that He even showed love to the Roman soldiers that nailed Him to His cross on Golgotha’s hill.

In the political correctness of our current day, the accepted practice is to treat everyone equally and to never show a difference in people. The practice being pushed today includes that you and I forget we have an opinion or the ability to think for ourselves, much-less demonstrate the skill to think outside the box. The very fact that Jesus Christ loved us before we loved Him and even if we never love Him, clearly marks Him as a person not in the slightest way politically correct.

If you are a Christian then I believe our lives will be marked as followers of Christ as not in the least politically correct. Our lives will demonstrated a fairness as exemplified by the actions of Jesus Christ where He offers a plan that is exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we could ever ask or think.

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Tim Mills

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