Who needs us?

Robert Morton - Contributing Writer

Does the church make a difference in our world?

Is it necessary? Is there really a purpose for the church to fulfill in our society?

Yes, and no.

The world doesn’t need a church that’s focused on itself. Churches, just like people, can get a little selfish at times. They sometimes focus on their own activities, their own preferences, their own agendas all the while ignoring the needs that surround them.

The Body of Christ needs to be searching for people who need to receive the love of God. This attitude puts the Congregation’s focus on others rather than just on its own wants and “needs” or even its favorite political agenda. God wants us to focus on who needs His love the most, not on who can benefit the Church the most.

The mission field in Bell County is those who are hurting.

There are people all around us who need the love of God. The drug addict trying to beat his addiction, the poor family working and struggling in a difficult economy, the outcast who feels nobody loves her, the lonely who need a friend, the caregiver exhausted from caring for a spouse or parent, those who don’t know about the hope and strength that come from Christ; all these need the love of Jesus as it is expressed through His church.

Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20 that the church is to “go” and reach the world. Our focus must be on going. Churches need to ask themselves if anyone would notice if they suddenly disappeared. Would the community suffer if your church suddenly ceased to exist or would its passing go unnoticed? Are there needs that would go unmet if the church you attend suddenly closed its doors?

The church needs to be impacting Bell County with the love of God. Let’s not get it backward by focusing on what we need or desire but reach out and find those who God wants us to transform with the news of His Salvation.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]


Robert Morton

Contributing Writer

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