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Future pilots: Scouts complete merit badges

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Scouts from Middlesboro, Corbin and London were busy this past Saturday at the Middlesboro/Bell County Airport completing their Aviation Merit Badges.Having previously completed two weekends of ground school, this was the weekend they took to the sky.Two pilots from Tazewell and two from Middlesboro offered their planes, fuel and flying skills to allow each boy a chance to fly and experience hands-on control of an aircraft.As a bonus, Danny Spurlock took each boy for a tour of our local area in his helicopter.In addition to earning the merit badge, each Scout also earned the Experimental Aviation Association’s (EAA) Young Eagle Award.


Daily Bible Thought — April 21

Because Christ is alive, we too shall live.The hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth. — John 5:28-29

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Daily Bible Thought — April 20

Christ’s resurrection is cause for our celebration.He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. — Matthew 28:6

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Bell-Whitley gears up for Repair Affair next Saturday

Each year Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency helps the elderly and disabled citizens of Bell County with improvements to their home through the Repair Affair event. The organization will hold this year’s Repair Affair on April 26.“It’s a great community event,” said Norman Cornelius with Bell-Whitley. “It’s been going on now for around 14 years.”

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Planting by nature

Our forefathers paid a lot more attention to natural events than we do now. They had no radio, TV or newspaper to provide weather trends, so they looked to nature to tell them when to plant beans or when to strip hickory bark for chair bottoms.One thing they watched for was when plants bloomed or leafed out.For instance, when forsythia blooms it’s a good time to plant beets, lettuce, onions, spinach, peas and radish.When the service berry tree blooms (al...

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Club participates in ‘Lions World Lunch Relay’

The Middlesboro Lions Club met for lunch on April 4 to participate in the Lions World Lunch Relay, through Lions Clubs International. The first lunch started at noon in Australia, and continued for 24 hours around the world.Thousands of Lions Clubs across the globe met at noon to bring out as many family and friends as possible for food, fun and fellowship bringing awareness to the Lions Clubs and their efforts in each respective location.Photos were taken of the attende...

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Daily Bible Thought — April 19

You can’t boast in Jesus while you’re preoccupied with yourself.We also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. — Romans 5:11

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Johnson addresses panel about grant applications

It was announced during a regular meeting that the Bell County School Board would be applying for three grants. Grant writer Gina Johnson spoke to the board about each of the three applications.The first one was the Elementary/Secondary School Counseling grant. Johnson explained there were more monies in the grant if the district targets kindergarten through fifth grade elementary counselors. The grant could pay half of the counselor fee for three of them. The district would have t...

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Fuel your active lifestyle with dairy

(Family Features) Many people are taking advantage of...

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