Tri-State forces game 2

Photos by Anthony Cloud|Daily News TJ Patterson slides into home to score a run.

Chandler Mink turns three during the game on Tuesday.

In what was a highly contested battle for the majority of the game, Tri-State Tires defeated Overbay’s, 13-3, to force a second game for the championship. Going into the top of fifth, Tri-State was clinging to a 5-3 lead. Overbay’s couldn’t recover, giving up two runs in the fifth and six runs in the sixth inning.

The two teams will meet again on Thursday for the championship.

The game started off as a battle between pitchers with Tyshawn Simpson pitching for Overbay’s and Hannah McCullough pitching for Tri-State.

At the top of the first, McCullough hit an infield fly for an out. Simpson struck out Chandler Mink after a five-pitch battle. TJ Patterson reached first base on an error.

Patterson then stole three bases to score a run with John Dunn at-bat. Dunn struck out with Tri-State up 1-0.

Going into the bottom of the first, McCullough struck Riley Justice out after a six-pitch battle. She then did the same to Tyler Harris.

Eric Helton hit a triple to get into scoring position. With two outs and Simpson up to bat, he stole home to tie the game up 1-1. Simpson grounded out to first to end the inning.

Eli Mullins was the lead-off batter at the top of the second. He got out on a fly ball. Simpson struck out Zack Evans and Brad King to keep the game tied 1-1.

In the bottom of the second, Jay Tyler West reached first after being hit by a pitch. McCullough struck out both Bryce Bowling and Bryson Hatfield. Chris Hobbs ended the inning with a ground out. At the end of the second, the game remained tied 1-1.

Tri-State rallied at the top of third. Following strike outs by Caleb Bonoko and Josh Cody, McCullough hit a solo home run in deep center field to put Tri-State up 2-1.

Mink singled to reach first base. Patterson hit a triple that allowed Mink to score. He then stole home to put Tri-State up 4-1. Dunn ground out to first for the final out.

Overbay’s cut into the lead in the bottom of the third.

Justice hit a lead-off double. He scored following a double by Riley Justice. Riley scored off a ground out by Helton to bring the lead to within one. West struck out to end the third with Tri-State up 4-3.

Mullins hit a single to start out the fourth inning. He stole second and third with Rookie McWilliams and King up to bat, respectively. Both McWilliams and King were struck out.

Mullins scored following an RBI double from Bonoko. West struck out with Tri-State up 5-3.

In the bottom of the fourth, McCullough struck out Bowling and Hatfield. Hobbs singled to reach first. He was thrown out at second following a hit by Thomas Justice. The score remained 5-3 going into the fifth inning.

Tri-State increased their lead during the top of the fifth. Simpson walked McCullough to lead-off the inning. She advanced to second following a ground out by Mink. She stole third with Patterson at-bat.

Simpson walked Patterson to give Tri-State two base runners.

Overbay’s brought Helton in to pitch for Simpson following Patterson’s walk.

Both base runners scored following a single by Dunn, which increased the score to 7-3. He stole both second and third base with Mullins at-bat. Helton walked Mullins.

Dunn struck out McWilliams and King with the score remaining 7-3.

Overbay couldn’t get anything going at the bottom of the fifth. Riley Justice grounded out to first. McCullough walked Harris. He stole second and third with Helton and Simpson up to bat.

Both batters struck out to end the inning.

Tri-State got the bats rolling at the top of the sixth. The team scored six runs in the inning. Helton struck out Bonoko to start off the inning. Cody singled with two strikes to reach first base.

Cody reached third base off a solo shot by McCullough.

Overbay’s brought Harris in to pitch for Helton after McCullough’s hit. Mink drove in Cody and McCullough on an RBI single to give Tri-State a 9-3 lead.

Mink stole second with Patterson up to bat. Patterson struck out in six pitches. Dunn reach first after getting hit by a pitch.

Mink scored following an RBI single from Mullins. Dunn stole home with Zack Evans at-bat. Harris walked Evans, who stole all three bases with King up to bat.

Thomas Justice was brought in to pitch after Harris walked King. He sturck out Bonoko with Tri-State up 13-3.

Overbay’s did not score at their next at-bat.

West grounded out and Bowling was struck out by McCullough. Patterson finished the game as pitcher, walked two batters and hitting one before Mullins threw Riley Justice out to win the game.

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