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Photos by Anthony Cloud|Daily News Overbay’s celebrates after the game winning run is scored. The team defeated Tri-State 8-7.

Tyler Harris sprints around the bases following a hit by Thomas Justice. He scored a run during the sequence.

Overbay’s celebrated a come from behind victory as the team defeated Tri-State for the championship on Thursday, 8-7. It came down to the wire with Tri-State up 7-6 going into the final inning. With two outs and down two strikes, Bryson Hatfield hit the ball into center field with two runners on base.

Eric Helton and Bryce Bowling crossed home plate to give Overbay’s the championship game. The team had to battle back after losing Tuesday night’s game 13-3, which would have won them the title had they been victorious. The team also had to overcome a 4-1 deficient coming out of the first inning.

Overbay’s was also the regular season champion for Middlesboro Little League.

Tri-State started the game off strong at the top of the first. After Hannah McCullough and Chandler Mink were walked, TJ Patterson struck out to give Tri-State their first out. Josh Dunn singled to first to score both base runners, giving Tri-State a 2-0 lead.

Dunn stole second base with Eli Mullin up to bat. Mullins singled to get on base, advancing Dunn to third. Dunn stole home on a wild pitch from Helton. Mullins followed suit by stealing home as well on a wild pitch to give Tri-State a 4-0 advantage.

Zack Evans hit a line drive to Jay Tyler West for the second out. Brad Kind struck out for the final out.

Overbay’s did not exit the first inning without a point of their own. After Riley Justice struck out, Patterson walked Tyler Harris. Harris stole second base with Thomas Justice up to bat.

Thomas Justice hit a single to allow Harris to cross home plate to cut into the lead, 4-1. Helton and West struck out to end the inning.

Overbay’s was able to hold Tri-State scoreless at the top of the second. Following a walk from Caleb Bonoko, Josh Cody and McCullough struck out.

Helton also walked Mink and Patterson to load the bases. Dunn got out on a foul tip catch by Hatfield to keep the score 4-1 in favor of Tri-State.

Overbay’s continued to cut into the lead during the bottom of the second. Patterson walked Bowling and Hatfield to lead off the inning. Chris Hobbs singled to load the bases. Bowling scored after Tyshawn Simpson was hit by a pitch to bring the score to 4-2.

Riley Justice struck out to give Overbay’s their first out. While Harris was up to bat, Hatfield tried to steal home on a wild pitch. He was tagged out at the plate by Patterson for the team’s second out.

Harris was then walked by Patterson to load the bases. Hobbs was tagged out at home plate following a hit by Thomas Justice to end the inning.

Overbay’s made quick work of Tri-State at the top of the third. Mullins started out the inning by hitting a pop fly to West. Evans and King struck out to keep the score 4-2.

Overbay’s continued their comeback during the bottom of the third. Helton was walked to lead off the inning. West then hit a double deep into center field to allow Helton to score. The run allowed Overbay’s to narrow the lead to 4-3.

Patterson struck out Caidden Adkins and Hatfield before Tri-State brought Mink in to pitch.

Mink hit Hobbs on his second pitch from the mound. Hobbs was then thrown out at second following a hit from Simpson to end the inning.

Tri-State had another rally at the top of the fourth. After two strikeouts from Rookie McWilliams and James West, McCullough singled to get on base.

Overbay’s brought in Harris to pitch for Helton after McCullough’s hit.

McCullough stole second base moments before Mink was walked by Harris. She then stole third base with Patterson up to bat.

McCullough stole home on a wild pitch with Dunn batting. Patterson advanced to second during the sequence. He then stole third base.

Dunn was walked after four pitches. Patterson stole home following a wild pitch from Harris. Mullins grounded out to first to end the inning with Tri-State holding a 7-3 lead.

Overbay’s continued to stay within reach by adding another run during the bottom of the fourth. Riley Justice hit an infield pop fly to the catcher for the first out. Harris then hit a triple deep into the outfield to get in scoring position.

Thomas Justice singled to allow Harris to score, bring the score to 7-4. He was tagged out at second by Patterson following a single by Helton. Patterson also tagged out Helton following a hit by Jay Tyler West to end the inning.

Overbay’s held Tri-State scoreless at the top of the fifth. Harris struck out Evans to start the inning. After King was walked, Harris struck out Bonoko. King was tagged out at first while Cody was up to bat for the third out.

The score remained 7-4 heading into the bottom of the fifth.

Overbay’s scored two big runs in the bottom of the fifth to bring the lead to within one. Mink was able to strike out Bowling to lead off the inning. Hatfield hit a double to get on base.

Their chances to score in the inning started looking slim after Hobbs hit a pop fly to Mullins for the second out. Simpson then hit a double to allow Hatfield to score. He scored a run of his own following a single by Riley Justice to bring the score to 7-6.

Riley Justice was thrown out at second following a hit to end the inning.

Overbay’s defense held strong at the top of the sixth. Harris struck out Cody to start the inning off. McCullough grounded out to pick up the team’s second out.

Mink singled to get on base. Overbay’s made the decision to intentionally walk Patterson to give Tri-State two base runners.

Dunn struck out in four pitches to keep the score 7-6 heading into Overbay’s final at-bat.

Mink struck out Thomas Justice in three pitches to get the team’s first out. He then walked Helton. Mink struck out Jay Tyler West after an eight-pitch battle between the two. Bowling got on base with a single to give Overbay’s two base runners.

With two outs, Hatfield stepped to the plate. He fouled the first pitch. Mink pitched a strike on the second pitch to put Hatfield down in the count.

The third pitch was declared a ball by the umpire. Hatfield connected on the fourth pitch and hit it into center field. Helton and Bowling crossed home plate to give Overbay’s the victory, 8-7.

— — —

Members of Overbay’s include:

• Tyler Harris

• Riley Justice

• Thomas Justice

• Bryce Bowling

• Bryson Hatfield

• Chris Hobbs

• Jay Tyler West

• Eric Helton

• Tyshawn Simpson

• Michael Baker

• Caidden Adkins

— — —

Members of runner-up Tri-State include:

• Hannah McCullough

• Chandler Mink

• TJ Patterson

• John Dunn

• Eli Mullins

• Zack Evans

• Caleb Bonoko

• Brad King

• Sidney McWilliams

• Rookie McWilliams

• James West

• Josh Cody

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