Anthony Cloud|Daily News Chandler Mink swings at a pitch during the Little League tournament. He is one three players from Tri-State named to the 12-year-old All-Star team.

The rosters for the 12, 11, and 10 and 9-year-old Middlesboro Little League All-Star teams were recently announced. Each team will participate in tournment action against various other teams from the region.

The 12-year-old team is lead by eight players who participated in the Little League Championship game. Overbay’s leads the team with the most players with five. Tri-State has three players on the team.

The 10-year-old All-Stars will play at Middlesboro on June 27. The 11-year-olds will play at Corbin on July 8. The 12-year-olds will play on July 27. A location for the 12-year-old All-Stars is currently undecided.

Roster for 12-year-old All-Stars:

• Tyshawn Simpson

• Thomas Justice

• Bryson Hatfield

• Jay Tyler West

• Eric Helton

• Hannah McCullough

• Chandler Mink

• TJ Patterson

• Hunter Hoskins

• Dillan Collins

• Taye Drake

• Steven Justice.

Roster for 11-year-old All-Stars:

• John Dunn

• Eli Mullins

• Tyler Harris

• Atavious Flannery

• Grace Gent

• Braxton Barnett

• Connor Winterburger

• Jonathan Weaver

• James Halcomb

• Lincoln Hall

• Bradlee Hale

• Cole Hubbard

Roster for 9 and 10-year-old All-Stars:

• Riley Justice

• Connor Mason

• Brad King

• Braeden Ferguson

• Ashton Helton

• Daniel Thomas

• Chase Adkins

• Xavier Simpson

• Jamarah Young

• Yousiff Nabat

• Lane Bayless

• Cayden Grigsby

• Warren Vaught

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