Middlesboro loses to Corbin

Anthony Cloud|Daily News Riley Gent hits a fly ball during Middlesboro’s 14-1 loss to Corbin on Monday.

Middlesboro was eliminated from the Junior League tournament on Monday after a 14-1 loss to Corbin. Due to weather issues over the previous week, the tournament was changed to a single elimination tournament.

Pitching proved to be the difference maker during the game. Riley Gent threw four strikeouts and allowed six hits. He walked six batters before his exit, five resulting in runs for Corbin.

Chris Callahan threw five strikeouts and allowed three hits during the two innings he pitched. He walked two batters and gave up two runs before the end of the game.

Corbin’s Jason Stancil threw eight strikeouts and only walked three batters. He allowed four hits.

J.M. Baker lead Middlesboro in hits with two — the first coming in the second inning and the next in the fifth. Tanner Brush and David Kyle each had hits of their own. Shawn North scored the team’s lone run after being walked.

Corbin started out strong in the first by taking a 3-0 lead. Brody Skinner, Cam Allen and Terrance Moore each scored runs after being walked during their at-bats. Skinner stole home on a wild pitch with Moore at-bat.

Allen stole home on a wild pitch with Cole Shelton batting, and Moore stole home in the same fashion with Gardner batting.

Corbin went up 6-0 at the top of the second. VanNortram and Allen got on base after being walked by Gent. VanNortram scored a run on a ground out by Skinner.

Moore got on base after being hit by a pitch. Allen scored on a fly out from Shelton, and Moore scored on a single from Wine.

Middlesboro put runners in position at the bottom of the second but could not put runs on the board. Baker got on base with a single He then stole second with North at-bat.

North was then walked. The two base runners stole bases with Kyle at-bat. Three consecutive strikeouts ended the inning before Middlesboro could score.

Corbin went on a six run rally in the third inning. Gardner started things off with a shot to right-center field. He scored off a double from Stancil. VanNortram hit a single to get on base.

Stancil scored on a double from Skinner.

Skinner scored following a single from Moore, who then scored following a single from Shelton.

Shelton scored the last run of the inning when he stole home on a wild pitch with Wine batting. Corbin exited the top of third with a 12-0 lead. They added a run in the fourth to increase their lead to 13-0.

Middlesboro put a run on the board in the bottom of the fourth. North was walked following a ground out from Baker. He stole second base with Cody Goodin batting. He advanced to third after a single from Brush.

Kyle hit an RBI single to score North. Tyson Thomas struck out looking to end the inning.

Wine scored the final run of the game for Corbin in the fifth inning, bringing the final score to 14-1 in favor of Corbin.

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