Students recognized during Honors Night

The annual Honors Night event and festivity was held recently for those attending the Pineville campus of Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College. High-achieving students from various programs and disciplines were recognized. The event was held in the gymnasium of Pineville High School. Those honored during the evening include:


Freshman: Academic Excellence Award – Brittany Hall and Shawn Crow; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Alicia Roark; Attendance Award – Rebecca Boggs; and Work Ethic Award – Carrie Fuson and Betty Reynolds.


Freshman: Academic Excellence Award – David Neubert and Kameron Jones; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Kameron Jones and Cindy Manis; Attendance Award – Amber Cornett, Kristen Johnson, Kameron Jones, Alesha Fletcher and Andrew McGaffee; and Work Ethic Award – Kristen Johnson and Amber Cornett.

Sophomores: Academic Excellence Award – Devin Moreland and Amber Weatherford; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Devin Moreland and Amber Weatherford; Attendance Award – Guy Reed III, Kristen Messer, Devin Moreland, Katlynd Koke, Amber Jackson and Amber Weatherford; and Work Ethic Award – Tymekia Frazier, Guy Reed III, Brandy Anderson and Kristen Messer.


Freshman: Academic Excellence Award – Justin Carman and Amber Dean; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Tiffany Brock and Ashley Branson; Attendance Award – Ashley Branson, Justin Carman, Tiffany Brock and Danielle Prater; and Work Ethic Award – Mary Mitchell and Danielle Prater.

Sophomores: Academic Excellence Award – Aaron Eads, Kellie Eads and Jessica Partin; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Julie Terrell and Sasha Sergent; Attendance Award – Jonathan Marcum, Aaron Eads, Amber Goodman, Ashley Smith and Kellie Eads; and Work Ethic Award – Ashley Smith and Susan Ledford.


Academic Excellence – Kayla White and Tabatha Greer; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Brandon Couch and Sabrina Lowe; and Work Ethic Award – Phillip Coker and Amanda Messer.


First Year Nursing: Academic Excellence Award – Ashley Asher and Marshall Heath; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Michelle Jackson, Allison Helton and Marshall Heath; and Work Ethic Award – Andrea Payne and Michelle Baker.

Second Year Nursing: Academic Excellence Award – Jamie Bunch and Melissa Wilson; Outstanding Clinical Performance – Jonathan Price, Jamie Turner and Amber Wires; Outstanding Simulation Lab Award – Bridget Jenkins; and Work Ethic Award – Shelly King.

Leadership Award: Bridget Jenkins.

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