Lone Jack students become published authors

Special to the Daily News

Mrs. Melanie Mills’ first grade writing class has published a book with Student Treasures Publishing.

During the month of November, students wrote an informative/explanatory piece to convey what they were thankful for. Students followed the writing process to complete the piece. They began their writings with introductions and proceeded to explain what and why they were thankful for the things they chose to write about. Upon editing and revising, students wrote a final draft and illustrated the writing on paper provided from the publishing company.

The final pieces and illustrations were sent to Student Treasures Publishing to be published into a book. The title of the book is Thankful Little First Graders. The books have been published in time for Christmas and students received their copies before dismissing for Christmas break.

A copy of the book will be placed in Lone Jack’s school library collection.


Special to the Daily News

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