Meth allegedly found in residence

Anonymous tip on Christmas leads to arrests

Arlen Lambert

Brandon McCarty

James Carrol

Early Sunday morning while on patrol Bell County Deputies Nick Capps and Chris Barnes received an anonymous tip that a residence on Winchester Avenue in Middlesboro may contain methamphetamine, according to a news release from the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

Once at the home, the deputies knocked on the door and it was answered by 56-year-old Alma Weaver. Weaver was asked for consent by the deputies to enter the home and she agreed.

Once inside the home the deputies observed Arlen Lambert and a female identified as Lambert’s girlfriend, Amethyst Daniels, sitting on a couch. Lambert was seen by Deputy Barnes holding something in his hand and, once asked to stand up, Lambert attempted to hide the object behind his back. After two commands to turn over the object, Lambert revealed a baggy containing a crystal-like substance that appeared to the deputies to be methamphetamine. Once in custody, it was discovered that Lambert also had an active failure to appear warrant.

Daniels had in her possession four bags of hypodermic needles that she stated were used “to keep from spreading diseases,” according to the release.

Prior to the deputies entering the home they noticed lights on the second floor going on and off. Barnes stayed and watched those downstairs as Capps called for anyone upstairs to come down. A woman came down and joined the others with Barnes. Capps noticed a locked room and could hear people behind the door. In another room down the hall, Capps discovered an empty firearm holster which lead him to contact Middlesboro Police Department for assistance.

Once Middlesboro Police were on scene, Capps and Officer Jordan Hurd went to the locked door to make entry finding a female laying on the bed “pretending to be asleep.”

Brandon McCarty, 43, of Pineville, was discovered behind the bed according to the release. McCarty had an active felony indictment warrant. He was taken into custody by Capps and found to have four knives on his person. Deputy Barnes and MPD Officer Joel Quillen assisted in the arrest.

The release states that 44-year-old James Carrol of Middlesboro was down the hall hiding under clothes. He was arrested by MPD Officer Hurd for outstanding warrants.

Lodged in the Bell County Detention Center were:

• Arlen Lambert – charged with first-degree possession of controlled substance, first offense (methamphetamine);

• Brandon McCarty – served a felony indictment warrant;

• James Carrol – charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, second-degree criminal trespassing and served two bench warrants.

Only cited to court were Amethyst Daniels and Alma Weaver, both charged with drug paraphernalia.

Also assisting on scene were MPD officers Josh Pratt, Brad Cawood, Floyd Patterson and Ben Spurlock.

Arlen Lambert Lambert

Brandon McCarty McCarty

James Carrol Carrol
Anonymous tip on Christmas leads to arrests
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