A new year, new start

Tim Mills - Until then

Hello there new year, I feel like I can call you a friend since we’ve been sharing these moments for over 50 years together. Thinking back to when I was a little child I am not to sure I thought of you as I do today. Back then as a child I fought hard to stay awake to see you officially arrive.

When we were first introduced you had been falling as a big ball in New York City for 57 years. Now that you are 110 years old in 2017 you still seem as young as ever. Watching you each year is for me confusing because with each new year that approaches you remain flashy with lights aglow, everyone approaches you with noise makers, music, crazy hats and love abounds in the air as a magical gift free to all. If you could tell me your secret to staying young I’d love for you to share your secret with my readers so we too can magically remain young if not ever changing to keep the affection of all who will gaze upon us each year.

I mention the fact as a child fighting to stay awake for your arrival, if I write the total truth I find myself as an adult sometimes waging the same war at times. There are many dreams and visions you allow folks to consider, ponder and wander in the minds as they wonder in thought. With your arrival each year there is an opportunity to reflect on the past along with an opportunity to make corrections and adjustments to our resources of thought and planning. Allow me now to stay I appreciate being a part of 2016 even though I felt the breaking weight of the year several times, I’m just glad I somehow survived. In kind regards, I remain.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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