Honoring a World War II veteran

“The lucky one” was an appropriate and fitting headline for World War II veteran Samuel Robertson.

The Bowling Green native is lucky in many ways – living a long and healthy life, having a loving family, living through a world war and being one of only three survivors in a glider that crashed during the D-Day invasion.

Robertson is a true American hero.

The highly decorated 95-year-old veteran served his country very admirably, entering the service in March 1943 at the age of 22 and from November 1943 to November 1945 serving with the 101st Airborne Division. He participated in campaigns in Normandy, Ardennes and Central Europe, among others. He was an installer and repairman of telephone systems and took part in Operation Overlord, the first U.S. combat operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during WWII.

The stories that Robertson could tell about his experiences during the war would be absolutely fascinating to hear. But it is admirable as well if Robertson, like many other WWII veterans, keeps a lot of stories about his experiences to himself.

Robertson has been honored with other distinguished awards, including the Distinguished Unit Badge, the Meritorious Unit Award, the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with five bronze stars, the Airborne Glider Badge, the Good Conduct Medal, the WWII Victory Medal and the Purple Heart.

These are all very prestigious awards that were well deserved.

Not only did Robertson earn these awards, he was also bestowed the National Order of the Legion of Honor on Saturday, the highest honor France bestows upon those who have achieved remarkable deeds for the country.

This had to be a great honor for Robertson.

Robertson received the decoration Saturday at a ceremony at the Warren County Courthouse where his brother, Lee Robertson, also a WWII veteran, and his children and grandchildren watched as it was bestowed upon him.

From The Bowling Green Daily News.

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